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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Did I Really Throw Things at My First Love?

Do you ever catch yourself conversing with yourself in public? I did that this morning. Yep, I was behind the wheel and got the "are you crazy" glare from the Saab to my side. Oh yeah, I definitely freaked the lady out. Actually, I wasn't conversing, I was crooning to Hold Me Now on the radio. Remember that one? You'd probably rather forget it.

Around the 4th-grade, I would stay up 'til 10pm and dedicate this dozy to my "first love." I can still hear the DJ dude, "Robert would like to dedicate Hold Me Now to his 10-year-old sweetheart...if you're out there, Alexandria, make sure Robert feels the love." Nice.

When I think back to those first-love days, my older sisters come to mind. They taught me how to be cool and play the game. Of course, I usually freaked out and butchered their advice. I remember when they helped me pick out a gold necklace. I had saved for that thing...lots of random chores (oh yes, I splurged for the lady I loved). When it finally came time to give the gift, I spazed out, threw it at her, and ran in the opposite direction. Not sure that was cool.

That's what was so hilarious about elementary dating. My crush and I would talk for hours on the phone every night...we'd even end the call with an "I love you." We'd do the "you hang up, no you hang up" routine. Next day, when I'd pass her in the lunchroom, I'd look the other way and act as if she didn't exist. I had to be cool, ya know. 

So next time you hear Hold Me Now, think of me, Mr. Casanova.


  1. I can always depend on you, Shelly.

  2. I remember screaming "Hold me, NOW!" when my parents were teaching me how to swim.:)

  3. Every single thing you wrote I did as well - including calling radio stations to dedicate love songs to crushes. I also saved up all my money to send a bunch of balloons to a boyfriend. When they were delivered in school I was so embarrassed I pretended they weren't from me.

  4. That's funny, DR. And Lauren, glad to know I wasn't the only tool in school. Ha.

  5. Did Alexandria roll her eyes when she heard the dedication?

  6. No, she confessed her love for me.