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Sunday, February 13, 2011

You Can Never Shy Away From a Blog Challenge.

So yesterday I was bumpin' around the Writer's Digest site and ended up in a forum titled, "Do you blog on the weekend?" I was quick to post..."Yep. Of course, my wife works the weekend shift (nurse) and my son is always building things around me while blogging, so I get interrupted about 231 times. In other words, I have to go back and edit a lot."

The originator of this forum title (we'll call her Lauren) tossed an idea out there. She responded, "You should ask your son what to blog about and whatever word he spits out, you go off."

Challenge accepted. So, let's ask him that question. I don't have too far to go because he's right behind me doing something to my chair. "Jack, what do you want me to blog about?" He responds, and responds quickly, I might add... "I want you to write about writing
Phineas and Ferb (Disney show) and tell them to come to our house and bring Perry (their pet platypus)." Um, okay. I have to admit, I tried to get a topic two out of him, but the 5-year-old was determined. Maybe I should have bribed him with something sugary.

Oh, Phineas. Oh, Ferb. I've longed to write about you two. I can even hear your theme song this very second...blasting from my bedroom. You build rockets. You fight mummies. You shower a monkey. You locate Frankenstein's brain. And of course, you drive your sister insane. Actually, the two of you save me on many mornings. You entertain my son while I make a mad dash for the computer and turbo blog. On the flip side, you make me feel a bit guilty because you're sorta a prelude to Sponge Bob. I don't like Sponge Bob.

Okay, that's all I got. As you can see, I'm one to never shy away from a blog challenge. To be honest, I'm sorta surprised my son didn't say, "Daddy, just write about the last time Mama threw you in the doghouse because that was funny."

Yikes, maybe it was good to be off topic.


  1. That 'toon just REALLY gets on my nerves.

  2. I'm with The Hub! I can't stand Sponge Bob...a sponge in his underwear??


  3. No-No can recite all the Sponge Bob dialogues. She's 21...go figure. Don't have much love for the creepy critter myself.

  4. I'm sure Sponge Bob will invade my house at some point. ARRRG!!!

  5. I'm new here. Where's the "like" button when you need it?


  6. Nice job, Robert! Fineas and Pheb... of course he'd go there, ha! I know those guys as well and agree, they can be quite a help around the house when looking for some good old-fashioned entertainment for little ones STAT. Fun post. :)

  7. It was fun Lauren, and I may try it again in the near future.

    And Christine, I think I can insert a "like" button, but I'm afraid I would lose out on some comments. I love me some comments. Glad you "liked."

  8. Spongebob is the most evil creature to walk the earth since Barney.

  9. Barney, oh God, do I not miss that goofball. That would be a tough choice on who's worse.

  10. Thanks for the kind words about Phineas & Ferb!