Don't Hate Hubby

Monday, January 24, 2011

Don't Count on Hubby to Make the Clothing Call.

I just read a quote...."New Year's resolutions are last year's confessions." With that said, my wife has something to confess. She will never let her husband (that's me) make a clothing call for a party. Let me explain.

I like comfort. I want to wear comfort. I live in jeans and long-sleeve Ts. I work in a family business and comfortable clothing is on the job description. I like it like that.

Early last month, I received an email-invite to a "Santa Shindig." When I told the wife, she immediately wanted to know the proper attire. Understanding the crowd that would be there, I said, "comfortably casual." So, we jumped into our favorite jeans and busted into a party filled with slacks, sport-coats, dresses, and fanciness. Oops. I can still see "the look" she shot me as we made our way past the door. It was a doozy of a look.

Starting in 2011, I will forever play dumb when asked what to wear to a party. The more I think about it, "playing dumb" is a VERY smart move in a relationship. 

For the guy, anyway.


  1. She married you for what reason again? LOL

  2. Marriage is one LONG road of learning, that's for sure.

  3. I would have gone with the jeans anyway. There are ways to "fancy" them up....

  4. I think that could of been communicated better on both parties instead of her asking she should of talked with you not too you and you could of done the same.
    something like this I don't feel should be however I think my marriage has role reversale going on. I'm the one who wants to wear and will wear with pride sweat pants out of the home. and i get that same look tho it's from the hubby.
    so i feel ya ..

  5. Well, I made the mistake of being real confident when I said, "comfortably casual." She made the mistake if trusting. HA!

  6. The look being "I will kill you, raise you up from the dead, and kill you again."