Don't Hate Hubby

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Wife Punted My Plans for Food and Football.

A few weekends ago, my wife and I decided to go our separate ways. I had a very important football game to watch and wanted to be front-and-center, just in time for kickoff at noon. My wife committed to starting the day in a lazy way (and our son joined her). I had postponed my "lazy" and had a few things to do that morning. Visions of football, the couch, wings, and a few beers motivated me to get it done. That was the plan, anyway.

Right around 11:30, I was making my way home, admiring the beautiful day. I was beginning to think I might swing by the grocery-store and pickup some huge steaks. As I sunk into the car seat, my phone started to buzz, and I answered with a very relaxed, "Hello." On the other end, was a very not-relaxed wife. She started the conversation in a way no one ever wants to receive a conversation. "Sweetie, don't be mad, but you've gotta hurry home and commit to doing this."

After attempting to put up a fight, I quickly realized it was useless. Sometimes you just know how important something is to your spouse and have to go with the flow. This was one of those times. My dreamy afternoon of football, steak, beer, and the couch had been replaced with a family photo shoot out in the country. Not only that, but it was crunch time. I had to hurry home, find a white button-down, iron it, find my son a white knit, iron it, and argue with my wife about why do we all have to wear white. She just responded with, "I don't wanna hear it....this is a girl just need to worry about getting your son ready because I wanna be early for this photo shoot." 

Why did I ever answer the phone?


  1. haha,, you answered be cause knowing that you didn't answer the phone it would of been a lot worse! lol
    That's funny..

  2. Just a gentle reminder about paybacks...LOL.
    "Sorry, I don't wanna hear it...this is a guy thing..." I can imagine the whole episode about the sports bar, some friends who bring stogies and everyone wears their favorite team flowing beer...bacon topped sliders....

  3. :) :) I like that you're a MaMa-Daddy.

  4. I'm gonna use the "Don't wanna hear it, this is a guy thing" in the very near future. I'll blame it on a lady named Shelly.

    Oh, and LOVE being a Daddy. Such an amazing experience.

  5. It's called compromise. Just remember one thing: your wife is always right.

  6. "Just remember one thing: your wife is always right."

    Like Norma said!

  7. My needs to always think she's right.....right?