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Friday, January 28, 2011

Preschoolers Aren't the Only Entertainment on a Soccer Field.

Let's replay a day from last year. It was one of those mornings when minutes felt like seconds. Before you knew it, we were racing for the soccer field, dragging chairs, chasing balls, and breathing heavy. When you have one of those mornings, the tension between Mommy and Daddy can get a little escalated (you'll understand where I'm going with this later).

We finally made it to the sideline, mingled with a few parents, and set up our cheering section. For whatever reason, my 4-year-old son kept reminding me that he was thirsty, tired, and wasn't really in the mood for soccer. This was coming from a kid who stays in turbo gear all day. After telling him it sounded like he needed a nap after the game, he quickly trotted toward his coach. The soccer finally began and my son moved with the pack for about 45 seconds...then checked himself out of the game 'cause he was hungry and tired. Again, the boy is ALWAYS in turbo gear and NEVER hungry or tired.

As my son kept acting uncharacteristically lethargic, we were starting to get a little frustrated. There was clearly a divide between the four adults (me, wife, and my parents) on how to handle my son's unwillingness to participate. The wife and my mom were ready to coddle and negotiate. Me and my dad, standing with arms crossed, were grumbling and mumbling about "toughing it up." Before you knew it, snippy comments were bouncing back and forth between me and my wife. That followed with my mom being a little bugged with my dad because he couldn't hear anything and was taking my side on the "tough it up" stance. We were a feisty little cheering section.

The four of us finally got our act together and enjoyed a very entertaining soccer game. Of course, my son would be on the field for a few seconds and off the field for a few minutes. It didn't really matter. We just had to realize that a life lesson didn't need to be taught on the sideline of a preschool soccer game on an early Saturday morning. 

Take a breath.


  1. That's always a hard situation, especially since you're there because your kid(s) asked (no begged) to play soccer /hockey/ lacrosse / baseball / dance / gymnastics. You buy the equipment, fork out the registration and then after one game, they don't feel like going anymore. Trust me, it doesn't just happen with preschoolers.

  2. Oh no, you mean I have to look forward to this down the road. I was hoping it was just a preschool thing. I know I always loved sports.

  3. I like the layout and the stories. Great job! I would visit this site often.

    Go over to my blog to check another layout choice if you want:

  4. I like your layout, Melissa. Nice blog. When I get a few more minutes, I'm gonna give it some more time. Thanks for the comments.

  5. I think you stole my kid!!! LOL. My son is exactly the same. Always on the go and crazy up until you want him to be. I tried him out in pee wee football a few months ago and gave up when he seemed more concerned about the bubbler in the gym than the football. Maybe next year. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think we'll have a lot of great stories to share!

  6. I'm certain we can share some stories and thanks for stopping by.

  7. I think we have your father is my grandfather. We must be related.

    And the layout of your page is fine. It's guy-like.

  8. Thanks Shelly....just making sure the layout isn't too boring. But hey, simple is good.