Don't Hate Hubby

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Police Officer is No Match for an Irate Wife.

A few years ago, the wife and I were headed home from a much needed vacation. We were both in great moods, but that was about to change. I was about to admit something I had forgotten to do. It was something she told me over and over and over to get done. I'm not telling you what it was, just let your imagination run wild.

I finally came clean and quickly regretted it. As we cruised down that lonely highway, I had an irate wife barking in my ear. Words like communication, responsibility, and thoughtfulness were flying out. Before I could even defend myself, blue lights began flickering behind us. A cop was not the best tension breaker, to say the least. As the officer approached the car, her head was already out the window. "Let me just tell you what my husband did," she yapped. As she went on and on and on, the cop just shook his head and gave me the "feel your pain" look. We bonded.

My new officer friend finally broke away from my wife's accusations and eased back to his car. After some chatter on his radio, he cautiously came back towards us. Of course, my wife was still letting him have it about what her husband had forgotten to do. He finally stopped her and said, "Lady, today's your lucky day, now slow down and go easy on your husband." He walked away, shaking his head, laughing.

And the barking continued. 


  1. What a creative way to beat a ticket!

  2. After the dust settled and I was out of the doghouse, we talked about staging something similar if we were ever pulled over again.

  3. I'm sure she's a wonderful woman, but I think she needs a publicist.

  4. The cop had a wife of his own at home, and of course completely understood.

    Either that, or he thought, "I'm so lucky not to be married..."

  5. I'm thinking he was married and TOTALLY understood.