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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting the Kid to School Can Take a Spastic Turn.

Getting my boy to school, well, that can be a challenging event. It's usually smooth, but can definitely take a spastic turn. On many mornings, we're lucky enough to have "Mama." However, due to her crazy nurse schedule, a couple days a week, I have to fly solo.

The "wake-up" is critical because it sets the tone for the morning event. The most common event starter is when my 5-year-old wakes up VERY early, sneaks into the bedroom, and scares me half to death. Nice.

This is quickly followed by breakfast, which is a key ingredient to the tone of the morning event. Coffee and some sorta protein work for me. Jack's breakfast is simple too, but we have to get the "simple" in his stomach. I'm a big believer in my son starting the day with a full, healthy belly. Of course, we have different opinions on what "healthy" means. The other day, during a very boring breakfast, my boy looked at me and said, "Daddy, when I was born there should have been a note that said I only eat sugary stuff." In other words, he thinks the morning would move smoother if I poured some "sugary stuff" in a bowl. I disagree.

The next portion of the morning event is affected by how responsible I was the night before. If I have to dig through drawers and fire up the iron, this has the potential to rough up a smooth morning. Not to mention, right about the time Jack's looking good, it's time to "poo-poo." This means all the clothes are coming off and we're starting over.

When the drive to school finally begins, there's always the potential for some driving anxiety. Of course, assuming I've made smart traffic decisions, we're usually semi-relaxed when we finally merge into the carpool line. This is about the time I'm humbled. I begin to notice most cars have several kids jumping out. This is when I wonder what it would be like adding another child (or more) to my morning event. WOW! For those moms and dads with more than one, I'm in awe of you and what you do.

If you're a single parent with several kids, you're my hero.


  1. I wonder if they're telling the truth when they say it gets easier.

  2. I have three kids, older than your little guy. Not to scare you, but mornings never get easier. No matter what age. Good luck.

  3. Poop time! Always happens when we're heading out the door. The neighbors hear me yell from the front door "Really Rio! Now?" on a regular basis.


  4. Once upon a time, I was single and raised five daughters on my own.

    1-do certain things the night before-lunches, bathe
    2-Have a basket at the door for school shoes and back pack and jacket. Loosing stuff sucks.
    3-Who cares about wrinkles-let him sleep in his clothes for the next day. One less thing for you to do in the morning.
    4-The poop thing...well, good luck with that.

  5. Yep, "poop time" never comes at a good time.

    And Shelly, you're my hero.

  6. There's less work involved in running a war.

  7. Well William, you may have a point.