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Friday, February 4, 2011

When a Pet Passes, Kids Say the Darndest Things.

I recently asked my "friends" on Facebook if they had any advice on getting my son a hamster. Well, that was quickly followed by numerous "NOOOOOOOs!!!" As I read the comments, I could easily see all the drama happening to the my family, which brings me to this cute story about my niece.
When Eliza was around the age of 4, she found "Goldie" belly-up in her bowl. Yep, her mom had recently noticed the thing swimming sideways and knew heartbreak would soon strike her daughter. This was Eliza's first pet and she took her responsibility VERY serious. Shortly after Goldie began floating, my sister noticed her daughter gazing at her fishy friend, as tears spilled from those beautiful, brown eyes. My sis walked over and said, "Sweetie, we can give Goldie a toilet bowl funeral and she can swim to Fishy Heaven." Well, you'd have thought my sister wanted to fillet the thing for supper with Eliza's screaming response, "No, it's yucky down there!"
In a matter of moments, these two were in a mad dash for the pet store. The mission was soon accomplished and Eliza was headed home with her new buddy, "Rose." Not only did they find another fishy friend, but also got a fancy aquarium. Even with Rose and her spruced-up living quarters, Eliza still had thoughts of her original pet. It was at that moment when she delivered her most dramatic line. "Mama, I was just thinking about all the good times we had together, you know, me and Goldie." Classic.
A few minutes later, the mother and daughter headed for the backyard. The hole was dug, casket covered, and service said. Following the funeral, my sister looked over at her sweet daughter and reminded her that Goldie was now happy in Heaven. The 4-year-old replied with, "Mama, do you think she's with Jesus, Mary, and Joseph."
Kids definitely say the darndest things and I'm sure my son will deliver some doozies down the road. Notice I said, "down the road." That's right, there will be no hamster in the near future in my house.

Thanks again, Facebook.


  1. Plus...they break your heart no matter how old you are.

  2. You two are so loyal with your comments....THANKS!!!

  3. Kids and pets just go together. Get him the hamster!

  4. I certainly had my share of pets, but I'm not ready for the hamster. Jack did end up with ANOTHER fish ("Shaggy").

  5. Love the new header image, by the way! Very apropos!

  6. I like it too, but I can't find where it came from to get permission to post the pic. I'm in the danger zone, wild and crazy. Ha!